Archiphoenic consulting provides clients (both domestic and international) with insight for their projects.  
We possess the skills and experience that will help your organizations meet challenges, improve efficiencies,
and increase profitability.
Archiphoenic consulting prides itself on delivering the highest level of professional service to its clients.
We offer Architectural design, Web design, Building and technology trade design , and landscape design
To provide our clients with the best service, Archiphoenic uses an open design team approach to optimize project
delivery across all types and scales. Typically serving as design team leaders working on a wide array of projects
and building types, Archiphoenic adds unique value by integrating rigorous analysis and design synthesis. Our
solutions to architecture, planning, and community design problems range across scales from the molecule to the
region as we examine the economic, ecological, and social consequences of design. Our buildings and communities
embody enduring standards of design quality and economic, ecological, and social responsibility. Beyond the
walls. How will the space we design help people work, learn and live better?
Finding the answers is the keystone to our expertise. It’s what informs our intuition and allows us to deliver the
great experiences we promise. What are great experiences?
Traditional architecture has been about the physical aesthetics and basic functionality of a structure. Our thinking
demands that architecture also concerns itself with the needs of those it serves. It will impact their behavior, their
productivity and their ability to perform. A “great experience” is one where people are encouraged by their
environment to be at their best.
Total spatial experience. Archiphoenic has had an organic understanding of this from the beginning. Over the
years, we’ve shaped what we’ve instinctually known into a philosophy to lead us and our clients to success.
Architecture is more than a building. It is the total spatial experience.
Architecture shapes experiences for people.
Great experience requires smart design.
Smart design is founded upon informed strategy and creative intuition.
The dutiful application of these tenets to the concept, design and ultimate execution of every space is our
definition of strategy and, we believe, inseparable from great design.
Great design. Great people. Bringing an idea to full fruition means combining research, understanding and
planning with intangibles such as inspiration, intuition and the right mix of talent.One other critical part of the
Archiphoenic character is our willingness to bend over backwards to work with our clients until their problem is
solved to their satisfaction.
In other words, our relationship with you must also be among the great experiences we deliver.
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