Forest management, planning, and technical
security system

As the world largest forests have suffered from wild fires as a result of urban
expansion and human population increase we have launched new forest
management, planning, and technical security system program to help human and
nature meet together under a new unknown plan for human beings and natural life
enable to protect forests from being short-lived and destroyed by wildfires affecting
the global temperature limiting the human excess to energy and resource followed
by economical innovation to create more jobs and meet the population demand
without destroying each other space and land.
This new plan design is formed by the Archiphoenic team engineers to help the
future global climate relationship between nature and urban cities and human
wealth as a common interest of earth living reconciliation for one cause.
Energy resource and recycling management are the new world reality in need of
expansion as a realistic design process for natural solution for natural waste from
planet earth and not from space, new innovation ideas generated together to form
new planning strategies helping the world fast growth in secure highways forming
new realistic views toward reality.
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